Cargo Handling

At the distribution centre of Siberian Logistics Company all cargo undergoes warehouse handling:  before coming into the market or being delivered to customers they can be segregated, packed, repacked and marked. Qualitative handling enables to insure delivery accuracy and timeliness, and to insure goods safety during transportation.

SLC offers a full range of cargo handling services:

  •  handling operations
  • acceptance of goods for storage
  • quality and shelf-life segregation of goods
  • goods complement, including single-piece
  • packing (palletizing, framing, covering with carton, foam plastic, MDF sheets)
  • marking
  • sealing of cargo and  means of transport.

Responsible Cargo Handling

We arranged our work with cargo so as to avoid any errors in a chain of their acceptance, warehousing and dispatch to consignees. The goods handling process is automated and arranged in accordance with customer needs.


A quality system implemented by the company requires maximum concentration of SLC workers on their duties and strict compliance with the technology. This is why you can entrust to us not only cargo warehousing, but also a broader list of logistics operations, such as:

  • accounting and control over goods sale
  • stock balance inventory and report preparation
  • cargo complement in accordance with customer’s current tasks

Our company is ready to provide effective transportation, distribution and dispatch of goods with minimal expenses for your business.


Additional Benefits

SLC accepts goods by vehicular and railway transportation. The distribution centre is equipped with modern storage equipment.

There is A-class terminal with the area of 26,000 square meters for goods storage. Accurate and immediate goods allocation and traffic at the warehouse is insured by WMS management system, than enables to track goods traffic online.

The terminal of the company is located in Krasnoyarsk near the customs warehouses of Bazaikha station container terminal. We deliver goods by our own vehicular transportation to any point of Krasnoyarsk Region and The Republic of Khakassia. Delivery geography also includes the Irkutsk and Kemerovo Regions.

Cargo warehousing and handling, warehouse service in Krasnoyarsk

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