Siberian Logistics Company (SLC) is one of the largest companies in the Krasnoyarsk Region in warehousing and transportation services market. Quality of SLC’s work is confirmed at international scale: in 2014 the Company acquired a quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2008. The certification audit was held by a world-famous German concern TUV RheinlandGroup.

A-class warehouse terminal launched in 2013 has necessary technologic zoning, racking, lifting and transporting equipment that enable to arrange various processes for cargo warehousing and handling according to clients’ requirements.

Its automation project developed in cooperation with AXELOT Company became the largest in the region in terms of its sale scale and level and won a special prize at the competition “Project of a Year” held by Global CIO - the largest IT-Directors Comity.


Geographic proximity to customs warehouses for temporary storage of Krasnoyarsk station Bazaikha enables to cooperate with Chinese industrial manufacturers. The Company has 15 year experience of export-import operations.

Top-management of the company undertook warehousing logistics internships in Japan and Germany and is certified for 4th level of Total-TPS (Total Toyota Production System) in Toyota Engineering Corporation.


Company’s operation is based on the principles of “lean production” system. 

Cargo warehousing and handling, warehouse service in Krasnoyarsk

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