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Siberian Logistic Company offers services for consignment storage that makes it possible for you to save every month from 20% to 50% of your current expenses for warehouse rent.

You pay just for the goods that are practically stored other than for rented “air”. Storage cost re-calculation is made every day!

You considerably save standby costs – there no personnel, specialized machinery maintenance and municipal services costs during demurrage.

You “insure” your goods because all the risks when the goods are on our warehouses rest with us.  

We are handy because except storage we also offer a full range of logistics services, we are 3PL-operator (hyperlink)


The benefits of SLC:


- temperature conditions from -18⁰С to +18⁰С

-  there is a delivery area with +6⁰С condition on low-temperature warehouse

- existence  of railway spur

- location within the city near transport junctions and lack of traffic jams on the terminal access roads

- modern recording system  WMS

- 150 surveillance cameras guarantee the security and safety


Cost of services

We use a method of “lean production” that is why our services are cheaper than our competition’s.

Storage cost is from 5 RUR per day/100L bin and 16 RUR per day/pallet.

Cargo warehousing and handling, warehouse service in Krasnoyarsk

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